Mr Nwandu’s 50th Birthday Bash

Dr Anthea Nwandu truly surprised and honored her husband, Mr Emeka Nwandu, with this one of its kind stylish party. Although she had just 3 weeks to plan, you could not tell as Her friends, especially Dr Angela, family, and children nailed every detail of the party with unsurpassed precision and elegance. I can truly say that the execution was flawless! Everyone had so much fun as you can see, it was dance, dance and more dance! I am so thankful to the family for allowing me to cover this special event.

It was truly a surprise for Him!
This lady was so in tune with her DSLR.The Man
One Big Happy FamilyGreat dancer, legendary man of fashion.
Even the kids had a blast!The one and only events guru, Dr Angela. This is one of the best MC I’ve ever met, double thumbs up. Somi: The dance queenThe father and son dance competition.The celebrant could not express His gratitude to God, friends and family enough. 

M o r e   i n f o